Our Address

Lesprojekt sluzby Ltd.,Záryby - Martinov 197,P.O. Box 21,277 13 Kostelec nad Labem,Czech Republic
Contacting person: Dr. Charvat Karel - email: charvat @ lesprojekt.cz, Ing. Krivanek Zbynek - email: krivanek @ lesprojekt.cz

Our Company

Lesprojekt Sluzby is a specialist in the field of GIS, wireless communication and GPS application specialist. We are also front private agriculture and forestry data provider.

Lesprojekt Sluzby provides complex services in the area of the information technology, Internet/Intranet, geographical information systems (GIS), remote sensing and image processing. Main activities of organisation range from data capture and management to design and development of geographical information systems.

We are focused on:

Development of Metadata system for FMI
Development of GIS applications based on the GIS in the area of
  • forestry, agriculture and precision farming
  • land management and modifications
  • municipal management
  • regional management and ecology
  • on-line and off-line car tracking
  • GPS data processing
  • business management and marketing
Design and consulting in GIS:
  • includes supply of hardware, software, data and customised applications
  • Data processing
  • scanning
  • vector data digitising
  • remote sensing data processing
  • digital terrain model processing
  • digital photogrammetry